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Welcome to the Sage 300 ERP Development Partner Wiki



Sage ERP Accpac is now Sage 300 ERP.

You can download the Sage 300 ERP SDKs from the Knowledgebase

To request passwords for the SDK zip files, please email [email protected]

How to Log in

Please note that your Login ID and password should be set to the following by default.

Login ID
By default, your Login ID is your company's domain name extracted from your DPP account's contact email address.
For example, if my contact email address were, [email protected], my Login id would be
Your default password is your development partner ID.


This site is designed to be a collaborative resource that provides information on all things related to the Sage 300 ERP SDK and development. By offering this site as a Wiki, we hope to not only provide you (Development Partner Program members) with information to assist in the development of your projects but also to work with you to improve the quality of information offered.

As such we hope that you, our readers, will also become Wiki contributors and build on the collaborative spirit of peer review. This in turn will allow all DPP members to utilize a comprehensive repository of developer knowledge that will help all of us complete our projects faster and with a higher level of quality.

Editing Pages

The ability for everyone within the DPP community to edit and create pages is the core reason for using the Wiki format. We would love to hear your insight into topics that we have created already or for you to alert to us to any interesting topics relating to the Sage 300 ERP SDK. When considering editing or adding a new page, just follow these steps:

  1. Do a search to make sure the page has not already been created
  2. If the page exists you can add new content by clicking "edit" at the top or click "discussion" to add comments. (Note: Pages in the "Documenation" namespace can only be edited by admin. But you can still add comments to the associated "discussion" page.)
  3. If it doesn't exist, create the page using one of the forms below and add the content that you can contribute.

Create a Sample Code Article

Sample Code Form

This form allows you to quickly and easily create a new article about a piece of sample code. If you have found code snippets that solve common questions in Accpac, then please share it with the community using this form. You can view previous samples by checking the "Sample Code" category in the Finding Information section below.

Create a Problem/Solution Article

Problem and Solution Form

This form is for noting problems or errors that you have encountered in your Sage 300 ERP add-on. Please use it to note problems such as those related to environment, odd Sage 300 ERP/API behavior, or errors received while programming.

Suggesting Content

The Wiki Suggestions page is for users to include ideas for new pages or other improvements to the Wiki. Please feel free to contribute to this page if you need more information about a topic but do not feel comfortable creating a new page for it. If you find a topic on the Suggestions page that you ccan contribute to, please create the page and put a link to the new page beside the suggesion. This will notify others that the suggestion has been implemented and it can be removed from the suggestion page.

Wiki Formatting Links

Please visit the following external links to learn about how to edit Wiki pages.
(Note: These links will load the MediaWiki Wiki site. Please ensure that you have returned to the Sage 300 ERP Development Partner Wiki before editing pages):

  1. Editing Pages
  2. Formatting Text
  3. Displaying Images

Finding Information

There are multiple ways to find information in this Wiki. Here are the top three ways:

  1. Use the "Search" functionality located on the left-hand side of the page. Information about searching can be found here: Help:Search
  2. Use the Special "All Pages" link to view all the pages on this Wiki.
  3. Use the Category Tree listed below to navigate through related categories. Note that this does note display the actual pages so you will have to navigate from the particular Category page. Also, not all existing pages are categorized and thus may not show up in this list.

Providing Feedback

If you would like to provide feedback regarding the Development Partner Program (DPP), please email [email protected].

Contacting Support

To contact our support department regarding SDK related issues, please email [email protected].

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